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Oxbow Critical Care Fine Grind - Papaya Flavor

  • $30.68

Some recovery and emergency cases require added versatility when it comes to delivering critical nutrition.  Critical Care Fine Grind contains the same essential nutrition as Critical Care, but in a finer particle size made to flow easily through nasogastric feeding tubes as small as 5 Fr.  Because of its smaller particle size, Critical Care Fine Grind is ideal for use with small and young patients.

Product Highlights:

  • Finer particle size than Critical Care
  • Powdered formula mixes easily to desired consistency
  • Highly versatile – easily flows through nasogastric tube and syringe
  • High in fiber; low in carbohydrates
  • Contains readily-absorbable chelated minerals and beneficial prebiotics
  • No refined sugars, artificial preservatives or simple carbohydrates
  • High digestibility and palatability
  • Contains stabilized form of Vitamin C

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