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Singapore Boarding Services - Chinchilla / Guinea Pig / Hamsters / Rabbit

Little creatures have big hearts. Here at the Fluffy Hut, they are treated with respect, love and joy, giving them a Home away from home with:

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- a customised playpen of their own (2m wide by 1.3m Long)
- 24/7 air-conditioning to beat the Singapore's heat!
- Pellets, hay, supplements and treats are provided daily! Check in with us on what kind of supplements we have.
- Clean water stored in bottles are provided and changed daily.
- organic fruits/vegetables are provided once a day.
- and, of course, sign in anytime to look at your little creature/s, available 24/7!


    Sign your little creatures up with us and enjoy a special rate at The Fluffy Hut:

    • Rabbit  - $25/night per Fluffy pet. 
      • For 2 or more bonded pair of Fluffy Pets - $20/night per Fluffy pet.
      • For 3 un-bonded Fluffy Pets - $23/night per Fluffy pet.
    • Guinea Pig / Chinchilla - $18/night per Fluffy pet
    • For Hamster - $5/night per Fluffy pet.


    Pick up service is available @ $40 per return trip. However, if your Fluffy pet is staying with us for 10 nights and above, this service is complimentary**.

    In house grooming for Rabbits starts from $25.

    Ps. We are little creatures parents too. ❤

    **not applicable to hamster boarding 

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