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American Pet - Diner Alffy Chinchilla Pellet

  • $17.67

Our American Pet Diner Alffy Chinchilla Complete Pellets start with the freshest, sweetest and most nutritious  alfalfa hay available grown by our American Pet Diner farmers. Our expert small and exotic pet nutritionists then combine it with other quality ingredients, formulating to produce premium, nutritious and palatable diet designed specifically to meet the needs for your pet’s specific needs.  American Pet Alffy Chinchilla pellets are made to provide just the right amount of fiber, protein and other nutrients to ensure the long term health and well-being of your small pets.

  • complete pellet ration providing higher protein and more calories
  • supports the extra nutritional needs of junior, growing or breeding chinchillas
  • Aromatic and highly palatable
  • Contains Yucca to help control habitat odor
  • With stabilized Vitamin C added to complete your chinchillas daily nutritional needs
  • help prevent teeth and gum problems. 

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