Bosch High Premium - Adult Fish & Potato

  • $18.60

ADULT WITH FISH & POTATO is a balanced complete food for all adult dogs with normal activity levels.

In addition to poultry meat as the major protein source, ADULT FISH & POTATO contains high-quality fish.

ADULT WITH FISH & POTATO is made using potato flour as a highly digestible carbohydrate source without wheat.

The energy and protein content has been specifically formulated in the concentration levels that prevent - in conjunction with the mussel extracts - the risk of harming bones and joints as a result of obesity.

Due to the addition of an immune complex containing mannans and glucans, the intestinal flora is stabilized and the immune system is strengthened.

    • high-quality proteins (e.g. fish meal (4%))
    • contains mannans and glucans for stabilizing the intestinal flora and the immune system
    • mussel extracts for cartilage and joints
    • high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids for skin and coat

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