Bosch High Premium Mini - Junior

  • $18.60

For rearing small breeds (up to an adult weight of 15kg), it is required to feed a specially formulated puppy food containing balanced protein and mineral contents and having an adapted croquette shape and size.

MINI JUNIOR is therefore manufactured without cereals containing gluten and with fresh poultry (min. 25%).

The immune system is strengthened due to the addition of colostrum and the specific immune complex of mannans and glucans (developed by veterinarians) to the recipe.

Mussel extracts support the development of cartilage and joints.

  • manufactured without cereals containing gluten (wheat-free)
  • with plenty of fresh poultry (min. 25%)
  • with moderate protein content (26%)
  • contains colostrum which strengthens the immune system of the young dog

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