Bosch High Premium Mini - Senior

  • $18.60

MINI SENIOR meets the nutritional requirements of older dogs of small breeds (up to an adult weight of 15kg) from the age of 7 or 8.

MINI SENIOR is made with a high proportion of fresh poultry (min. 25%) and without cereals containing gluten.

The energy content (7% fat) is low, while the fiber content (6.5% crude fiber) is significantly increased, which relieves the dog's metabolism and at the same time regulates the digestion system.

Due to the addition of an immune complex containing mannans and glucans, the intestinal flora is stabilized and the immune system is strengthened.

  • manufactured without cereals containing gluten
  • contains mannans and glucans for stabilizing the intestinal flora and the immune system
  • delayed cell aging due to high levels of vitamins and trace elements
  • with moderate protein content (19 %)

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