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Bosch High Premium - Puppy

  • $74.40

The diet of puppies demands special care—particularly when transitioning from mother's milk to solid food. The enzymatic digestion system of puppies has to be adjusted to solid food step by step.

PUPPY is tailored for the transition period towards solid food and therefore can be fed soaked (in water or puppy milk) already from the third week.

The immune system is strengthened due to the addition of colostrum and the specific immune complex of mannans and glucans (developed by veterinarians) to the PUPPY recipe.

PUPPY is recommended for feeding up to the fourth month.

  • contains colostrum which strengthens the immune system of the puppies
  • contains mannans and glucans for stabilizing the intestinal flora and the immune system
  • rearing puppies until 4 months of age

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