Northwest Natural Freeze Dried Nibbles

  • $27.00

Freeze Dried Diets in the perfect cat size nibbles
Just pour and feed straight from the bag
Always make sure water is available with any freeze fried product
Shelf life for Freeze Dried 2 years unopened .1-2 mos. if stored properly
Complete and Balanced Diet and can be used for Treat or topper.
All poultry products are HPP’d for product and food handling safety
Highest quality USDA inspected and passed muscle and organ meats
Chicken and Turkey.Sourced in the USA
No Added Hormones and antibiotic free
2 sizes for added convenience

We use the same meats found at your finest natural food stores. All of our muscle and organ meats are chopped (not ground) partially frozen at the time of processing to ensure the availability of the highest quality nutrients, then individually quick frozen to keep the integrity of the ingredient quality.

All products are produced in our own certified and inspected USDA, FDA, FSIS manufacturing facility. All poultry products are HPP’d for safety.

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