Sanabelle Grande+

  • $10.23

Sanabelle GRANDE with the extra advantage of fresh poultry (min. 20%) is manufactured without cereals containing gluten, was developed specifically for adult cats of large breeds.  

The unique size of the large croquets is ideal for the feed intake behavior of large cats and reduces the risk of overhasty ingestion.

Due to this positive quality, Sanabelle GRANDE is also suitable for smaller cats, especially when they also have a tendency for overhasty ingestion. The size of the croquette and its sophisticated texture prompts the kitten to chew the food slowly and thoroughly.

Naturally contained nutrients supporting the structure of cartilage (e.g. Glucosamine) 
influence the metabolism of the articular cartilage and thereby support the mobility 
of the joints.  

Therefore, Sanabelle GRANDE is perfectly suited for your adult cat. 

Sanabelle GRANDE is very palatable and digestible.

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