Small Pet Select Orchard Hay - Diamond Cut

Small Pet Select Orchard Hay - Diamond Cut

  • $55.00

Orchard hay makes a nice change for small animals.  They like some variety in their diets - think about how many different grasses and plants they have to choose from in nature!  Our indoor friends love variety too.

It's also terrific for folks who have allergies to timothy hay!

Our orchard hay is hand selected and hand packed in small batches!  We handle it as little as possible for maximum freshness, but we do all packing by hand.  That way we do quality control right up to mailing! 

 Orchard hay is packed in a high strength corrugated box which opens and closes for easy storage.

Fiber is the most important factor in a small animal diet plan.  A constant supply of hay keeps the GI tract in great shape, and helps to prevent bloat, stasis, and dental issues.

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